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We are urgently require support & co-operation in respect of fulfillment of the Mandal’s above said future-plannings. Hence, to support & Co-operate for fulfillment of our above mentioned future plans, kindly contact us at following tele No. & oblige.

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Shri C. G. Dhabewale-Hon. Gen. Secretary
The Maharashtra Shikshan Mandal,
Bhadra, Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad-380 001
Tel: (R) 079-22920578
         (M) 9979180431, 9662252996

Shri D.K.Patil, Principal,
M.S.M. High School, Bhadra,
Laldarwaja, Ahmedabad-380 001
Tel: (R) 079-25506511
         (M) 9427358047

Shri P. S. Patil, Principal,
M.S.M. High School,
Chakudiya Mahadev Road,
Gomtipur, Ahmedabad-380 021
Tel: (R) 079-22745165
         (M) 9898466015

Shri D. P. Ozarkar, Principal,
M.S.M. High School, Naroda Road,
Saijpurbogha, Ahmedabad-382345
Tel: (R) 079-22818147
         (M) 9904424352